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Aloha World!

Welcome to Kauai Stores! The Garden Island of Hawaii – Kauai.

Finding good local stores on Kauai can be time consuming for our visitors in which time they have little of after touring our island of Kauai. So for this we have created this website for our locals and visitors alike.

So whether you’re looking for a quick snack shop or doing some Kauai Grocery Shopping Kauai Stores has a complete list of what and where.

Shopping for clothing?. No problem. At Kauai Clothing Stores you’ll find that new aloha shirt or bikini wear.

Got the hunger?. Our fine dining at Kauai Restaurants delivers the best in local cuisines as well as asian and european tastes.

Please visit our store list and say, Kauai Stores sent you.

Rusty K.